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We make denim for genderless and ageless, we cut it perfect well. Our denim product made by love of our Artisan. There is a magnificent details on our product. All of the denim have unique handmade touch on it. Just wear and “Feel the Fit”

We based on denim factory for years, we experience on denim since early 2000 for worldwide big brand. Today we trying to move to another direction to bring our product to local market. People have to believe in local brand quality.
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Based on our experience for years, we have through different times on garment industry. We have turn denim from raw to high quality product with International Standard as jeans, pants, jacket and shirt. We truly believe in our product, and customer will satisfied with our quality.

We develop our product a month and more before we set up to release it. We always try to find new method on denim process. Denim not just a basic product because we treat it like a canvas with different process. For instance all of our pants look worn-in and slight highlight. Our jeans are have complicated process like destroy or ripped and repair.

People will realize the details on our jeans, they will see repair with various sewing method and really look natural shape. We love to make jeans with patch, ripped and repair sewing. Denim is not just about pants, but the jacket is fun playground to explore. Most of our denim jacket have detail on unique washed pattern. It really our canvas but denim.

Denim by Artisan

In the end, thank for all of you to believe in us and support us. We could not survive without our homie on our back.

Feel the Fit

Perfect cut for daily use

Ageless & Genderless

Denim for all, it is no gender.

Artisan Made

People deserve high quality denim in good price.

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